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Livorno located on the west coast of Tuscany, Italy, is one of Europe’s main cruise ship ports. It is also strategically located for shore tours to Florence, Pisa and Siena. Booking your private excursion with Unique Costiera, will not only save you money but will provide you with the option of choosing unique tours. Our aim is to make your day, the highlight of your Mediterranean Cruise.

If you wish to share the cost of a private day trip by joining a mixed group, a good suggestion is to go to “roll calls” on Cruise Critic and form your own group. The proposed itineraries can be personalised/customized according to your needs; if you would like to visit alternative towns please do not hesitate to contact us.

The city was founded in 1017 and belonged to Pisa for several hundred years. In medieval times, there were only around 700 inhabitants when the town was bought by Florence from Genoa in 1421. Livorno was designed as an ideal town during the Italian Renaissance, when it was ruled by the Grand Duke of the Medici family.

Do not miss a relaxing walk on the beautiful Terrazza Mascagni, along the sea, where you could enjoy an ice cream or drink in one of the nearby bars and the 18th century Sanctuary di Montenero, located on a hill behind the town, with spectacular views of the city and the sea.

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