Sorrento limoncello tasting and lemon tour

Would you like to discover all the secrets on how limoncello liqueur is made and produced? In this case, our limoncello tasting tour in Sorrento is for you!

The limoncello tasting tour experience starts with a guided tour in a traditional lemon garden in Sorrento with full explanation on the cultivation and production techniques; you will learn about the different varieties of centuries-old lemon trees (Ovale di Sorrento, Sfusato di Amalfi and cedar).

After the lemon garden tour, you will be explained how to make your own limoncello and how is produced; the visit ends with a tasting on a terrace with stunning sea view, which includes homemade bread, orange and lemon marmalade, fresh lemon squash and homemade limoncello.

You will also have the opportunity to taste some of the best local liqueurs such as:

  • Tangerine Liqueur obtained from the peels and small fruits of tangerines, which has a delightful fragrance and flavour
  • Walnut liqueur is made from the famous walnuts from Sorrento
  • Arancello (Orange Liqueur) obtained from the peels of oranges
  • Finocchietto, liqueur made using the wild fennel seeds picked in the nearby Ieranto Bay area
  • Limoncello and rhum babas
  • Liquorice obtained from the plant that grows freely in the hills around Sorrento
  • Myrtle obtained from the berries
  • Lemon cream

These are to name just a few!